Got No Time - Drowning Dog (CD)

New cd from Drowning Dog w/ beats by Malatesta

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States Of Abuse - various artists (CD VERSION)

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"Hip-hop has replaced punk as the global music

of rebellion and this disc is the proof." Clamor Magazine.

A collection of various mc's and producers from


Seattle,San Francisco and Winnipeg.

hip-hop, grime, dub and electronic beats.

produced by the Entartete Kunst Collective.

"All the things we loved about Public Enemy

before we learned how to get jiggy with it"

(features new mixes and exclusives not on vinyl version)

full track listing

States Of Abuse - various artists (VINYL VERSION)

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"They make music better than this reviewer writes about it. Trust me,

i am not a politician." Direct Action Magazine

A collection of various mc's and producers from the U.K. and U.S.

hip-hop, grime, dub and electronic beats.

produced by the Entartete Kunst Collective.

full track listing

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Malatesta - Critical Beats ( 12" vinyl only )

(Malatesta - Critical Beats 12" - Entartete Kunst)

"Dark, doomy, politically charged electronica from DJ Slo-Mo. features samples of Ward Churchill and Noam Chomsky doing their spoken word ting. probably the most socially relevant record we have in the shop at the moment"

(rough trade, london)

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Drowning Dog - The Deletist ( 7" only )

(Drowning Dog - The Deletist 7" - Entartete Kunst)

"Great split of big beaty political electronica from Drowning Dog/The Deletist. both artists here question the power of politicians over their cat and mouse games in the mid-east. no-war, no borders indeed!"

(rough trade, london)   

Entartete Kunst have got something to say. Look at these titles. The Deletist: Americans Eye Aeroplanes Differently Now. Drowning Dog: Outside The World Is Turning Crimson While We Sit And Stare At The Television. But you'll have to draw your own conclusions, there's no polemics here, just bitz'n'beats to stoke the fires of your mind. Drowning Dog give a few more clues via samples and put a stricter break underneath gloomy atmos and a nagging blip. They call it no-field electronica.

(robots and electronic brains / splendid e-zine-uk)

Drowning Dog gives us "Crimson," a droning, haunting, bleep-blip electronic journey with spoken vocals overlaying it.The message is one opposing U.S. support of Israel and the genocide that is taking place there. Both are very experimental, confronting unusual musical styles while taking on controversial socio/political subjects.

(impact press)

This split 7-inch, courtesy of the Deletist and Drowning Dog, is an incredible and powerful example of the awesome beauty of electronica. It translates what the human heart cannot verbalize. It conveys anything and everything from love to pain to anger to bliss. Both American Eye Aeroplanes and Crimson are slow in pace and bring your pulse down to a calm level of comfort where your brain might be more receptive to their separate and connected messages. Drowning Dog's Crimson, on the other hand, is almost subliminal. It's as though Pandora's box has opened and the one defining decision to keep from utter chaos rampaging through our lives is the obliteration of state powers-state powers being the focus of the samples from television newscasts. It is impossible to forget these gentle soundbites that seem to point a finger right at you. The layers of sounds that sometimes sound like gun shots amidst a flock of birds singing will pleasantly ring in your ears. This record will yearn to be flipped over and over, to be listened to again and again. It might be hard not to listen as you will hear the joint anti-war/anti-state power message and wonder what you can do to help but turning on the television to find the answer suddenly might not seem like the best thing to do.

- Virginia Ulrich (west coast performer)

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The Vinyl Project 12"(freedom archives)

79 spoken word pieces (ranging from a few seconds to a minute or so) and soundbites to be used by djs, music makers and everyone else, to mix into their music. Tracks from a whole galaxy of folks you'll want to sample, including Howard Zinn, Angela Davis, Assata Shakur, David Gilbert, Arundhati Roy, Noam Chomsky, Emma Goldman, Christian Parenti, Earth Liberation Front, Judi Bari, Geronimo Pratt, Alexander Cockburn, Ward Churchill, Weather Underground, Cherrie Moraga, Malcolm X, Raul Garcia, Ramsey Muniz, Martin Luther King, and many many more. Superb!
12" Record available
The Vinyl Project is a tool for DJs, musicians, MCs, activists and most of all the people. The soundbites on this record include chilling voices on repression and glimmering assertations of resistance. The Vinyl Project collective hopes these sounds will pollinate your beats, noise, melodies and community.
Core production Crew: Erika Zarco, dj slo-mo/malatesta of entartete kunst, Claude Marks, and Andria Lessler

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Free Mumia international double cd compilation (jump-up)

A pretty incredible double CD of international acts contributing towards this benefit for Mumia, out on a German label. Punk, folk, pop, electronic and more. Some of the names you may recognise include Justin Sane, Rotes Haus, Chumbawamba, Malatesta, The Deletist, DJ Slo Mo, Anti-Flag, Pipedown, the Code, Virus Nine, Roaring Jack, Alistair Hulettt and Radio Ethiopia. The quality level is amazingly high for a compilation. Something for most everyone for sure, and an impeccable cause.

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Stop The War Teach-in - various ( cdr only )


"Recorded live at the San Francisco anti-war teach-in on the day the U.S. Govt/corps started air strikes against Afghanistan (10/7/01), here's 70 minutes of inspiring,incisive speeches linking U.S. militarism to other globalization issues.Brief, smart, and in plain speech, each track forms part of a larger coherant,rational argument for opposing the war and the consolidation of the power of global capital that it's meant to secure.

Singer Utah Phillips ; Eyad Kishawi of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Commitee ; activist Van Jones on the opposition of third world people ; journalist Alexander Cockburn on hopeful signs ; Proffesor Joel Beinen on the geopolitical history of the Middle East and U.S. Govt/Corp involvement there ; journalist Christian Parenti on civil liberties. Arm yourself with facts as well as analysis, and start "turning the active minority into the anti-war majority." {from the cd}

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Bread and Roses / various artist cd (entartete kunst)

"Nifty compilation of politically challenging, social change inducing (hopefully!) electronica. all the artists here are totally influenced by the the likes of the anarcho punks of the early 80's. if you like crass, propagandi and ultra-red, this is a great chill out album, with a conscience"

(rough trade, london)   

What a fucking brilliant release. Named after the fiery women from the legendary Lawrence, MA strike of 1912, this modern incarnation presents 17 slices of female power, passion, politics, love and rage. DJs and electronica provide most of the musical subtext, but its the inflamed words of spoken word artists Raw Knowledge, Lucha and Patricia who head an incredibly strong selection. Drowning Dog, Bitter Pie, Tarsier, Lorka, Klevervice, Thornamental and more. Incredible politics, spot on words (translated into both English and Spanish in the enclosed lyric sheet), and some of the finest sounds make this the release of the year.

(AK press 2002)

"Entartete Kunst's latest compilation features the sounds of angry woman. Angry with the current state of this world, and they are not afraid to let you know exactly how they feel. The songs lean toward the electronic side,with medium to slow tempos and mostly with vocals that sound sad somehow. Artists include Lucha,Drowning Dog,Raw Knowledge,Klevervice,Bitter Pie and others." (Impact press)
"This compilation is all music, spoken word and slam poetry written and performed by woman.Several of the tracks have woman doing spoken word in spanish, which though i don't understand, it's pleasant enough to listen to.One of the more exciting tracks is by Klevervice, which has somepiano and a lot of bleeps and bloops with a heavy dramatic crescendo,which fades to plucky beats. There is also a song "it's your funeral" by Thornamental that is pretty amazing ; crazy synth stuff with a steady beat (and some live drumming?) with a woman singing very much in the style (and sounds like) Kathleen Hannah. Imagine Le Tigre with more interesting electronic music accompaniment. The cd is full and satisfying."




Free Mumia 10" vinyl / dj slo-mo, pam africa, christina gutierrez (entartete kunst)

Various Artists - Free Mumia 10"- Entartete Kunst -This benefit 10" for Mumia Abu Jamal features speeches by Cristina Gutierrez and revolutionary organizer Pam Africa with music on the flip-side. Gutierez opens the spoken word with a poignant and heartfelt speech about justice, equality and human rights. Africa delivers two equally heartfelt speeches from a more aggressive perspective with a no-shit attitude about U.S. human rights violations, the death penalty and our corrupt government. The music on side B, created by DJ Slo Mo, is a hip-hop driven instrumental track loaded with socio-political samples, creative mixing and a "slo-mo" beat that pulls you along with each thump. (impact press)

"Take no shit attitude that will make you want to jump up and DO SOMETHING to free brother Mumia...."(James squeaky)

"Entartete Kunst gets mad props for putting out this 10 inch" (blu)

All profits benefit Mumia's legal defence

side 1 :Pam Africa /Cristina Gutierrez speaking

about Mumia's case at UC Berkeley and outside

city hall in S.F.

side 2 : Society has failed you - dj slo-mo

For up to the minute info on where Mumia's case is at - go to


Phantom Patient / The Fear 12" vinyl (entartete kunst)

This is dark, harsh, lo-fi,hip-hop.

"it is indeed some type of electronic evil. Nice use of sampling, voices, and ambient electronica. Not the type of record made for dancing" (Media Reader)

side 1 : A. The Fear (Albumesque mix)

B. The Fear (m.c. mix)

side 2 : C. The Fear (Runway Trapeze mix)

D. If. (Album mix)

E. No Surrønder (Album mix


Phantom Patient / Songs from Downstairs cd (entartete kunst)

"Phantom Patient performs a cryptic kind of electronic music with footing in goth and leanings toward punk and experimental music. Unfolding like a play, this is a soundscape that mixes dystopic imagery with a strong anti-system bent throughout its four movements. Offputting and eerie at times but unfortunately the vision here is more realistic than we'd like to admit. NOT FOR THE SMALL MINDED."

(The Trouble With Normal #52)

"Anti - system propaganda in a scottish accent" (Slug and Lettuce #68)

16 tracks of glaswegian subversion.



Live at the Complex 3 / various artists cd (entartete kunst)

Bitter Pie's "In Between Bricks sounds like a horror movie" (Impact)

No-field electronica nat sich das aus san francisco stammende imprint entartete kunst auf die fahnen geschrieben und damit gar nicht so unrecht. Zwischen politsicher agitation,spoken word poetry,electronica,ill-hop,tripdub,spunkjazz und sonstigen weirden exkursionen bewegt sich auch die dritt folge der "Live at the Complex"- reihe und featured mit artists wie Phantom Patient,dj 381-813,dj Slo-Mo,Ptingla und anderen wieder einmal eine geballte horenswerter acts aus dem bay area-umfeld. Nach dieser compilation sollte mensch im import-plattenladen seiner wahl ausschau halten,denn einen deutschland-vertrieb gibt es unserem wissenstand nach noch nicht. (baze)



Live at the Complex 2 cd - (various) (1000)

Most of the "degenerate" artists on this compilation live in a "Complex" in San Francisco. The music covers the electronic music spectrum, from Drum and Bass, to Breakbeat, to Trip-Hop and more. I use these terms loosely, since the songs don't stay constrained by genre definitions and evolve into their own works of art, which they refer to as "No-Field Electronica" Artists include Oddjob, Healamonster, Tej, Phantom Patient, Pinkwater and the sometimes disturbing spoken word tracks by Raw Knowledge. I would run out and get a copy of this comp as soon as possible, since there are only 1000 in print. (impact Press)

"One song by Drowning Dog has subtle voices in the background about everyday being a Class War" (slug and lettuce #68)

"Its most definitely worth checking out" (Direct Action U.K.)

"A premier compilation featuring a vast cache of experimental beats,minimalist dub tripouts,twisted hip-hop rythyms,downtempo bliss,free form spoken word and sheer sampling ingenuity."

"Live at the Complex 2 confirms that S.F. is still a reigning hot spot for musical ingenuity." (Digital Artifact)



Raw Knowledge / Nemesis to silence cd (entartete kunst)

"A raw nerve of anger,passion and hopefulness...." "This is life in the face of sexism,racism,police brutality, violence, hatred, abuse, poverty and the response of solidarity, fighting back, hope, not turning your head, standing up and shouting to be counted"At this time when wrapping in a flag is the only political action tolerated and where all opposition is branded as terrorism, we need voices like Raw Knowledge." "This is recommended."

(Direct Action .UK)



Farhenheit 451 vs 1984 7" / dj 381-813 aka dj Montag vs dj Slo-Mo (entartete kunst)

DJ 381-813 Vs DJ SLO-MO 7 inch "451/1984" ENTARTETE KUNST - Fine looking see-thru red vinyl 7" in a package from the U.S that's laden with interesting looking flyers from the counter culture undergrowth where the weeds have been strangling the creative juices rather too much in this new century of ours. Where are you all? The intriguingly named DJ 381-813 dished out dark and seductive slow beats that bubble just under the surface of some genuinely creative D.I.Y dance from London town - 'Book Burning Beats' it says on the flyer, as the rather authoritarian spoken word unwinds over the all seeing beats that kind of remind us, even though this some kind of forward looking slow motion post hip-hop experimentation, of the all seeing eye sounds of Slab and "Get back to your cities, get back to your houses...". "The books have nothing to say.." repeats the repressive voice over and over as the slow beats wash away.>>>>>> I must tell you about something that happened yesterday as I was walking to Ladbrook Grove tube station on the way to the Sack Trick gig we were putting on at the Highbury Garage yesterday. As I was passing the pub just before the Westway (the very pub that The Clash emerged from during the Notting Hill Carnival riots with such admiration for the rioting locals that they decided they wanted a riot of their own, white riot, I want a riot, white riot, riot of.. The Clash make a hell of a lot more sense when you live in West London), anyway, I was walking along, lost in my thoughts, wondering why Kerrang won't even put our gigs in their gig guide these days, when this slights strange looking woman came up to me with a box and insisted I take a book from it, "take a book" she insisted, "everyone must read" she said as she smiled and thrust a copy of Wilfred Greatorex's '1990' in to my hand -ruthless suppression of independent thought in special State brainwashing units cunningly disguised as humane rest-homes... in 1990 even the Russians are protesting about the suppression of Britain in the 1990's...Why am I telling you this? Just because I know you like these peripheral details and you know well that more people should give away books in the a street. You see, the symmetrically strange thing is that this package containing this fine fine single we're reviewing in a round about way came with a delightfully yellowing and rather well thumbed 1967 copy of Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" ITAL*** Montag had been a fireman for ten years, He knew the pleasure of the midnight runs, the fire trucks screaming through the dark, the clean smell of kerosene and the joy of watching the books consumed by flames. And then, one night, he encountered an old lady who refused to leave her house when the firemen came to burn her books. And he met the girl Clarisse who knew something of the past, when there we no informers and people were not afraid". Now, tell me, just how fine is it that 451 should turn up in the post (with a fine picture of Julie Christie on the front) on the very same day that the sweet old lady was insisting that passers by read her old books and "how wrong it was that they should just collect dust on her selves when she was too old to read them all again" and anyway she wanted to spend her time reading new ones. If I can remember which door she came out of I shall make the effort to drop a book token or better still a suitable book through her door.... "What about the single" I hear you cry, patience people, I like records that have stories attached to them. I actually bought a copy of Ministry's Filth Pig for 99p in the Harrods sale the other day, a delightfully unsuitable place to buy a Ministry album don't you think, kind of adds a little to the pleasure somehow, hang on, that's distracting us again... "What about the goddamn red vinyl 7" single" I hear you yell. "What does Montag do?" says the voice as the record glides in with it's beautifully mellow beats and low slung grooves, a swaying mass of mellow beats that tastes of Hawkwind and Psychic TV and Eat Static in a dub 'n bliss kind of way. Over on the other side of the split single DJ SLO-MO tells us that, via the technique of cut up film soundtrack, "We are the dead, remain exactly where we are until ordered" in a delightfully slow experimental slice of fat fat hip-hop "Here comes a candle to light you to bed. here comes a chopper to chop off your head". The track is 1984 and DJ Slo-mo is as minimal over on this side with the hypnotic almost non-music and spoken work cut up soundtrack that uncoils in an even more sinister way. Both sides of this fine single are delightfully creative, slightly subversive highs, it's refreshing to see something like this in 2001 (it was the kind of this that would regularly flow in to the Organ office is the late 80's and early 90's) And hey, a couple of hours ago the Parrot Fever Girl phoned from L.A and told me she was re-reading 1984 and how much of an affect it had had on her when she originally read it as a child, totally oblivious to all these things I'm telling you about that are all strangely attached to this record I'm telling you about right now - a very fine record, two fine slices of counter culture flavoured forward looking slo-motion hip-hop that you should make the effort to check out. You know there's a certain pleasure in hunting these fine underground records down and in doing so in some small way getting involved in the creative process and the art of communication, far more rewarding than buying the latest Limp Bizkit single anyway Do get involve, create, contact, switch the other. Contact Entartete Kunst, PO Box, 411194, San Francisco, CA 94141-1194, USA (Organ U.K.)


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